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Challenges and practices in promoting (ageing) employees working career in the health care sector

Merkel, Sebastian / Ruokolainen, Mervi / Holman, Daniel

case studies from Germany, Finland and UK

In: BMC Health Services Research 19, p. 1-12

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Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Transition

Immigrants and people with a migration background make an increasingly important contribution to the founding landscape of Germany. According to studies, more than half of the annual start-ups are managed by immigrants. Since the willingness to establish a business in Germany is still restrained, it is immigrant entrepreneurs who often have the courage and the willingness to take risks to make the leap into self-employment. Not only their migration history, but also the fact that some of them have already pursued entrepreneurial activities in their home country, prompt them to found. Yet, what is unified under the term of "immigrant economy" is a heterogeneous phenomenon that requires more insight - especially in relation to the founding behaviour of immigrant entrepreneurs.


Energy transition and digitalisation between decentralisation and centralisation: regional and corporate cultural perspectives

Renewable energy is predominantly volatile: wind power plants are unable to supply electricity without wind, photovoltaic systems rely on sunlight or rather daylight. In regular operation, therefore, overcapacities and undercapacities must be compensated. This leads not only to recurring shutdowns of North German wind farms, but also to passionate – sometimes polemic – debates about sense and nonsense of energy transition.


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 Märkte, Branchen, Wertschöpfungsketten

Markets, Industries & Value Chains

Technological, economic and social change is reconfiguring industries and markets: Challenges such climate change, the ageing of society, scarcity of resources, accelerating information and communication technologies that require new solutions. ...
Thema Soziale, organisatorische und technische Innovationen klein

Social, Organisational and Technological Innovation

Innovation research at the IAT analyses innovations in distinct sectors and spatial contexts. Following a broad understanding of innovation, subject of research are social, organisation as well as technological innovations, ...