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Lukas R. Zaghow is a researcher at the Institute for Work and Technology (IAT) and a PhD Student at Prof. Suwala’s Chair for Urban and Regional Economics at Technical University of Berlin. 

He earned his degrees at Ruhr University Bochum, while attending ISCTE Lisboa (PT), the University of Oklahoma (US), Università di Pisa (IT), Ōsaka University (JP) and Istanbul Üniversitesi (TK) on different scholarships. He earned his management degree (M.Sc.) investigating structural drivers and impediments for knowledge-intensive start-up firms in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Ruhr, while his European Studies degree (M.A.) culminated in a review of evidence of (intersectional and compounded) disadvantage of entrepreneurs as manifestation of social positionally and marginalization across European regions.

Building on his experience in organizational transformation and strategic management scholarship at Ruhr University Bochum, he entered the domain of economic geography and entrepreneurial ecosystems (EE) research. He is concerned with spatialities under pressures for transformation and the explanatory power of entrepreneurial activity in (structural) change processes in agglomerations. The working title of his doctoral thesis is "„Advancing Contexts for Entrepreneurship - A Case-Based Exploration and Comparison of (Knowledge) Processes in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems“.

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