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Evaluation of partially automated care processes in long-term care using the example of AI-based movement monitoring

Under the leadership of the IAT, an interdisciplinary consortium from the social sciences, nursing sciences, health economics and medical informatics is investigating, in cooperation with practical institutions of outpatient and inpatient long-term care, ...

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On Equal Grounds? Migrant Women’s Participation in Labour and Labour Related Activities

EQUALPART focuses on the inclusion of migrant women in working life and employment beyond the period of the first years after their arrival (post-intro), and on the different and multi-scalar contexts that shape their labour market outcomes. ...

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Development of an indicator system for measuring regional socio-ecological transformation

Over the last decade, a variety of alternative measurement concepts have emerged to capture social and economic development. They differ from the conventional welfare and economic indicators and their focus on the gross domestic product as an indicator of national or regional prosperity and refer to sustainable development, ...

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Industrial Symbioses in the Ruhr Area: Emergence & potentials of the concept for the transformation of regions in change

The concept of industrial symbiosis describes the cross-company exchange of industrial by-products such as waste heat, wastewater or production residues in geographical proximity. ...

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