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Research Departments

Work and Transformation of Society

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Health Industries & Quality of Life


The health economy is an important driver of growth, innovation and employment. In addition to the classic socio-political objective of providing health care to the population, attention to economic and structural policy tasks has thus grown continuously. The research department on health economy and quality of life (G&L) ties in with this new accentuation, with the aim of creating a demand-oriented supply design, identifying and overcoming innovation hurdles and demonstrating sustainable design options. In order to achieve these goals, a consideration is made on several levels, from which three thematic fields can be derived:


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Innovation, Space & Culture

A new understanding of innovation lies at the core of the research department’s scientific work. Our focus is the contribution of innovation in coping with the pressing challenges facing societies worldwide. It is about the interplay of the technological, economic, social and political aspects of innovation. Innovations focusing solely on technological advances are no longer sufficient in creating sustainable responses to challenges such as globalisation, demographic change, migration, resource efficiency and energy transition, health, education and quality of life.

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Spatial Capital

The aim of the research department is to contribute to the sustainable development of space and creating equal living conditions by research, development and monitoring.

Spatial Capital is title and object of investigation at the same time. Spatial capital refers to the endogenous potential of regions, cities and quarters, but further includes the following five aspects:


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