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Research Departments

Work and Transformation of Society

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Health Industries & Quality of Life

The organisation of the economic value chain in health industries is the central focus of the research group. The main activities are scientific support and evaluation of both product and service innovations on company, regional and international level. Medical and technical progress, demographic change as well as the increasing importance of health promotion and prevention and quality of life are the activity’s starting points. New and integrative solutions are carried out which combine the requirements of both the demand and supply side, including adequate qualification and jobs.

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Innovation, Space & Culture

A new understanding of innovation lies at the core of the research department’s scientific work. Our focus is the contribution of innovation in coping with the pressing challenges facing societies worldwide. It is about the interplay of the technological, economic, social and political aspects of innovation. Innovations focusing solely on technological advances are no longer sufficient in creating sustainable responses to challenges such as globalisation, demographic change, migration, resource efficiency and energy transition, health, education and quality of life.

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Spatial Capital

The aim of the research department is to contribute to the sustainable development of space and creating equal living conditions by research, development and monitoring.

Spatial Capital is title and object of investigation at the same time.

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