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Research Department Innovation, Space & Culture

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Maria Rabadjieva is a junior researcher at the Innovation, Space and Culture Department of the Institute for Work and Technology (IAT), Germany. She graduated in the interdisciplinary master programme European Culture and Economy (ECUE) with a final thesis focusing on the connection between sharing economy and social innovation.

Working/Research Areas:

  • Social Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Sharing Economy
  • New business models at the interface between digital and material production

Projects (selection)

Publications (Selection)

Rabadjieva, Maria
2016: Die "schöpferische Zerstörung" der Sharing Economy - wie ein Dienstleister die Verkehrsordnung in Städten verändert. Internet-Dokument. Gelsenkirchen: Inst. Arbeit und Technik. Forschung Aktuell, Nr. 03/2016 PDF

Butzin, Anna / Rabadjieva, Maria / van den Lindt, Martin
2015: Social innovation in transport and mobility: state of the art summary. August 2015. Brussel: European Union. Report of the SI-DRIVE project: Social innovation: driving force of social change PDF

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