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Research Department Innovation, Space & Culture

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Anna Butzin works as project coordinator in the research department of Innovation, Space and Culture at the Institute for Work and Technology. Anna Butzin studied spatial planning with specialization in regional economic development and European structural policy at Technical University of Dortmund and at Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm. She wrote her doctoral thesis at the Department of Geography, Philipps-University of Marburg about “Knowledge Dynamics in Innovation Biographies. A Methodological and Spatial Perspective”.

Research interests

  • Development and spatial diffusion of social innovation
  • Structural change in cities and regions
  • Locally anchored companies
  • Innovation and regional development
  • New actors in local and regional innovation systems

Further activities

  • Teaching assignment at Faculty of Spatial Planning, Technical University of Dortmund with focus on regional economic development, alternative economies, urban economies.
  • Visiting professor for economic geography at the University of Bayreuth in 2018/19
  • Member of steering committee of the project SI-Drive (7th EU-Framework program, area social science and humanities)
  • Visiting researcher at Sozialforschungsstelle, Technical University of Dortmund (February-April 2014)

Projects (selection)

Publications (Selection)

Rabadjieva, Maria / Butzin, Anna
2019: Emergence and diffusion of social innovation through practice fields. In: European planning studies, published online 13 Feb 2019 Weblink

Butzin, Anna / Terstriep, Judith
2018: Actors and roles in social innovation. In: Howaldt, Jürgen / Kaletka, Christoph / Schröder, Antonius / Zirngiebl, Marthe (eds.): Atlas of social innovation: new practices for a better future. Dortmund: Technische Univ., Sozialforschungsstelle, p. 77-80 PDF

Butzin, Anna / Widmaier, Brigitta
2016: Exploring territorial knowledge dynamics through innovation biographies. In: Regional studies 20, issue 2, p. 220-232 Weblink

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