Resilience of migrant companies during the COVID-19 crisis / ReCOVery

The ReCOVery project uses guideline-based in-depth interviews to investigate how migrant entrepreneurs are positioned in times of COVID-19 and with which strategies, resources and skills they are trying to cope with the current crisis situation: which factors have a significant impact on their economic situation, how do operational characteristics (company size, Industry affiliation, business model) affect their behavior? Which external factors (placement in the start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially access to networks and support offers) promote or inhibit their business development? The project partners want to get to the bottom of the question of the resilience of self-employed migrants: Can aspects of resilience (characteristics, skills, knowledge as well as access to resources and other external factors) be determined? And can the factors of resilience that were helpful in other life situations also be applied in this time of crisis? The ReCOVery project will be conducted without prejudging any outcomes. With the given capacities, it can only generate reliable results to a limited extent. Thus, it is primarily intended to provide evidences for subsequent in-depth studies in order to shed light on the above-mentioned aspects in their mutual dependency and interaction.