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Theme: Social, organizational and technological innovation

Butzin, Anna
2021: Review of Elizabeth Mamukwa (2020), Integral Knowledge Creation and Innovation: Empowering Knowledge Communities, London, Routledge, 238 p. In: Journal of Innovation Economics & Management 2021/1, no. 34, p. 239-242.

David, Alexandra / Schäfer, Susann / Terstriep, Judith
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Rabadjieva, Maria / Terstriep, Judith
2021: Ambition meets Reality: Mission-Oriented Innovation Policy as a Driver for Participative Governance. Sustainability, 13 (1), 1-23.

Terstriep, Judith / David, Alexandra / Atibioke, Olufemi
2021: Sectoral Report - Enter to Transform Comparative Report. Gelsenkirchen: Institute of Work and Technology.

Cipriani, Tamami Komatsu / Deserti, Alessandro / Kleverbeck, Maria / Rizzo, Francesca / Terstriep, Judith
2020: Business models & social innovation: Mission-driven versus profit-driven organisations. In: International review of applied economics. Published online: 16 June 2020, 26 p.

David, Alexandra / Krüger, Daniel
2020: Entrepreneurial education for persons with disabilities: a social innovation approach for inclusive ecosystems. In: Frontiers in education, no. 5, p. 1-17

Rabadjieva, Maria / Butzin, Anna
2020: Emergence and diffusion of social innovation through practice fields, European Planning Studies, 28:5, 925-940

Terstriep, Judith / Rehfeld, Dieter
2020: Bridging local embeddedness and global dynamics – the economics of social innovation. In: European Planning Studies 28, no. 5, p. 853-863

Terstriep, Judith / Rehfeld, Dieter / Kleverbeck, Maria
2020: Favourable social innovation ecosystem(s)? An explorative approach. In: European Planning Studies 28, no. 5, p. 881-905

David, Alexandra / Terstriep, Judith
2019: Innovation in informal ethnic entrepreneurship: a result of the opening of the EU’s borders? In: Ratten, Vanessa / Jones, Paul (eds.): Transformational entrepreneurship. London: Routledge, p. 58-77