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Theme: Markets, industries, value chains

Heinze, Rolf G. / Hilbert, Josef / Merkel, Sebastian / Paulus, Wolfgang
2014: Health care is coming home - but how to open the door? In: Pohjanen, Erika (ed.): Impacting individuals, society and economic growth: proceedings of the 5th AAL Forum, NorrKöping, Sweden, 24 - 26 September 2013. Linköping: New Tools for Health, p. 297-299 PDF

Terstriep, Judith
2014: ELMOs: electromobility solutions for cities and regions. In: InnovationsAllianz der NRW-Hochschulen: Human-machine interaction: competencies of North Rhine-Westphalia's universities. Düsseldorf, p. 33

Gärtner, Stefan
2013: World capitals of capital, cities and varieties of finance systems: internationally versus regionally oriented banking. In: Fujita, Kuniko (ed.): Cities and crisis: new critical urban theory. London: Sage, p. 147-187

Hamburg, Ileana / O'Brien, Emma
2013: E-learning 2.0, social media and communities to improve knowledge in companies. In: Service science and management research 2, issue 3, p. 33-38 Weblink

Hamburg, Ileana / O'Brien, Emma
2013: Engageing SMEs in cooperation and new forms of learning. In: Computer and information science 7, no. 1, 9 p. Weblink

Rehfeld, Dieter / Terstriep, Judith
2013: Socio-cultural dynamics in spatial policy: explaining the on-going success of cluster politics. In: Cooke, Philip (ed.): Re-framing regional development: evolution, innovation and transition. London: Routledge, p. 274-294 Weblink

Terstriep, Judith / Lüthje, Christian
2012: Do clusters as open innovation systems enhance firms innovation performance? In: European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management: 19th International Product Development Management Conference: "Transformative Research in Product and Service Innovation", Manchester, U.K., June 18-19, 2012. Manchester: The University of Manchester, Manchester Business School, 23 p. PDF

Öz, Fikret / Hamburg, Ileana
2012: Mapping the German landscape of tertiary lifelong learning”. Barcelona/Oldenburg. Discussion paper, no. 2012/4.3 PDF

Butzin, Anna / Terstriep, Judith
2011: Incubator and cluster cooperation: a case study; report for the Achieve More Project. Gelsenkirchen: Institute for Work and Technology

Clifton, Nick (ed.) / Gärtner, Stefan (ed.) / Rehfeld, Dieter (ed.)
2011: Companies, cultures, and the region: interaction and outcomes; European planning studies 19, no. 11. London: Routledge. ISSN 0965-4313 Weblink