Future leadership / Zukfü

Future leadership

Our (working) world is changing rapidly. What effects do current trends have on leaders and their teams? What is required of leaders to remain sustainable and innovative? This is the subject of a joint study carried out by Coconut Life as a consulting company for leadership and team development in cooperation with the Institute for Work and Technology (IAT), Westphalian University. The aim of the study is to collect visions, challenges, and possible solutions from leaders in Germany in times of digital transformation. These insights make it possible to identify future trends and innovation potential. The study consists of four modules. During the guided interviews, around 50 leaders across Germany will be interviewed. This is followed by an online survey in which further empirical data will be collected and thus supplement the guided interviews. Both evaluations lead to a Delphi Analysis. This serves as a template for discussion to identify trends to use them in leadership consulting and further studies.