Mobilizing the Potential of Active Ageing in Europe / MOPACT


MOPACT is framed on the basis of a conviction that Europe requires a new paradigm of ageing if it is to respond adequately to these challenges in the context of open-ended longevity. Also, this paradigm must be embedded into responses to ageing at all levels – micro, meso and macro – if it is to be effective. This means a new paradigm of active and healthy ageing (hereafter active ageing) that rejects the deficit model of old age as a definite period of economic dependency.

The mission of MOPACT is to concentrate the highest possible quality of scientific analyses into the development of innovative policies and approaches that can assist public authorities and other key actors at all levels in Europe to make longevity an asset for social and economic development has been spelt out by the EC Commissioners for Research and Social affairs.


The five specific objectives of MOPACT are:

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