Creative learning approaches for people with disabilities by using intercultural events and environments CLINTEV / CLINTEV

Excisting siutation and project objectives

This project is based on research findings and aimed at the development of informal learning sessions within cultural events that can help adults with moderate mental and/or other types of disabilities to learn basic skills and in particular communication ones. These should help them to lead more independent lives, to improve their literacy or innumeracy, to further the success of gaining employment or to enter further education. Within this project a European intercultural community has been developed supported by a platform based on the social media TikiWiki. This intercultural community contributes to integrate people with disabilities into social life by an improved communication environment and by improvement of their education. The community has been used by the project's partners to communicate and to develop common learning resources during the project's period and after it.
The experience of the project partners show that cultural events have an important contribution at developing basic skills of people with moderate mental or multiple disabilities.
The main target group of this learning partnership were adults of 18+ years old with moderate mental and/or different types of disabilities. Cultural events have been organised in some partner countries to motivate both people with disabilities as well as without disabilities to contribute to their care and welfare. People from a partner country participated to an event organized by another one. Each cultural event will obtained a sequence in English additional with training sessions in native language.



  • Dissemination of the objectives and planned activities within the national agencies, organisations of and for disabled people and to people with disabilities starting with the begin of the project
  • Planning of cultural events in partner countries and organization of them
  • Organizing learning sessions within cultural events, presentation of the IT platform
  • Building of an European intercultural community with participation of adults with and without disabilities from partner countries
  • Development of the supporting IT platform for the community and communication by using social media
  • Organizing of the meetings in all partner countries
  • Development of multimedia learning material based on sequences organized within cultural events
  • Dissemination and valorisation of learning materials and results interactively by using Web sites, the IT platform, discussions, workshops and conferences, to the national agencies or within the networks where the partners belongs
  • Extension of the intercultural community to other European countries and abroad.