Study to clarify and classify terms of individual health promotion / BIG-SR

Project Info

Study to clarify and classify terms of individual health promotion

Task and aim of the project

The rapidly increasing number of chronic diseases highlights the need for further research in the field of health promotion. Health promotion refers in particular to the strengthening and development of health resources and lifestyles to increase individual health opportunities through self-determined action. This includes various psychological and sociological health constructs that can influence individual health promotion. Specifically, these are health behavior and action, health literacy, health awareness, and health personal responsibility. At the moment, however, there is a lack of reviews how these concepts are related, whether the individual constructs are mutually dependent, and where the exact differences lie. Therefore, within the framework of the project, the questions will be pursued as to where connections, dependencies, as well as differences, exist between the mentioned concepts. The question will be answered by developing a scoping review.

The project is conducted by the research department on Health Industries and Quality of Life and is financed by the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences through internal research funding.