Concept for a health centre in the project region 3L-Lippe / GE3L

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Scientific monitoring of the Leader project "Development of an implementation concept for the implementation of a health centre to strengthen the rural region" in the Leader region Lemgo-Lage-Leopoldshöhe.

In more rural regions, there is a systematic need for planning and development in the health care setting, which helps to ensure the provision of health care for the population and to proactively meet future challenges. At the same time, it is possible to use opportunities for the regional development of rural areas through a needs-oriented care strategy. For such a regional development, it is necessary to analyse the concrete needs, to point out developments that are coordinated with existing offers and to identify possibilities for design and implementation, taking into account the institutional and regulatory framework conditions.

The DRK Landesverband Westfalen-Lippe is planning to establish a health centre in the 3L region of the Leader programme with the municipalities of Lemgo, Lage and Leopoldshöhe. Taking into account the intended decentralised and cross-sectoral nature of the health centre as well as a combination of medical and non-medical services, it is intended to ensure regional primary care with a focus on general medical, internal medicine and other medical services tailored to the specific regional needs of the population. The aim of the health centre is to ensure high-quality medical care close to home. Therefore, it is not to be seen as competition to conventional outpatient care, but rather as a complementary offer.

The Institute for Work and Technology accompanies this development process scientifically and supports the conceptual preliminary work within the framework of a formative evaluation concept with the components of demand and location analysis, identification of development potentials, evaluation of the institutional and regulatory prerequisites as well as the analysis of the economic efficiency of the planned project.

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The study is being carried out by the research focus Health Economy & Quality of Life of the Institute for Work and Technology (IAT). Contact:inside: Dr. Peter Enste, Elena Cramer, Michael Cirkel. Project duration: 1 April2022 -31 March2023