Cyber Security Technologies / Cyber Security


The companies and public offices have taken some cyber security precautions in order to strengthen IT system security and protect information. Depending on these precautions, cyber security market is growing. The increasing potential of cyber security market is also bringing an increase in employment in information security field which increases 13% every year and about 4.4 million people will work in this field in 2016. In January 2013, 2013-2014 Cyber Security Strategy has been prepared by European Commission in order to take precautions against the cyber-attacks which are performed continuously to the public offices and strategically important offices. Within the context of this strategy, it is decided that academic trainings in cyber security field will be increased.

Project objectives

As it is stated in this strategy, the aims of our project are as follows;

Development of a road map about cyber security in Turkey and research in European Practices and Education

Development of a curriculum in cyber security education

Organising seminars and conferences

Development and distribution of a Book about cyber security