Development of a training program for the improvement of active and healthy ageing through the exploitation of high-tech assistive technologies / AcTive

Tasks and aims

Technology has the potential to support the process of active and healthy ageing. However, modern devices, in particular information and communication technology (ICT), lack of adoption and use by older persons. The reasons for this are complex but a key aspect is found strengthening digital skills and ICT-literacy.

The overall aim of AcTive is to develop training materials that pay attention to specific needs of persons who are not experienced in using ICT-based devices (e.g. like smartphones or emergency call systems). These training materials can be used by peers, friends and family but also professional users to answer questions and show examples of the benefits that technology has to offer to support the daily life. The training material is supported by an online platform.

Aims of AcTive:

The Consortium is formed by entities working in the field of supporting older persons in ICT skills: