Guidelines for Full Paper Manuscripts

Just six steps to prepare your full paper manuscript:

  1. Papers must be written in English and should be sent in Microsoft Word fomat.
  2. Papers should carefully be crafted and succinctly presented. The recommended length is between 5’000 and 8’000 words; the word count includes tables, figures and references.
  3. To permit anonymity, the authors’ names should not appear in the manuscript. Instead, a cover page giving the title of the article and full identifying information (name, address, telephone and e-mail address) must be attached. The title of the manuscript should be on the first page of the paper along with the abstract and keywords. Language within the text that suggests the authors’ identities should be avoided. Please use the article cover page and the template and upload as one file.
  4. The informative abstract should not exceed 150 words. A list of 4 to 6 key words, in alphabetic order should be provided below the abstract.
  5. Tables and figures should be incorporated into the paper. Each table and figure should be given a title.
  6. Harvard is the preferred referencing style. However, any style may be adopted, provided it is used accurately and consistently throughout the manuscript and in the reference listings.