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Boosting the Impact of Social Innovation in Europe through Economic Underpinnings

SIMPACT with its 11 partners from nine European countries advances understanding of social innovation’s economic dimensions, creating new concepts, models and instruments for policy makers, innovators, investors and intermediaries. It systematically investigates how social innovations can enable the most vulnerable in society to become economic assets, integrating critical analysis of current and previous work with future-oriented methodologies, new actionable knowledge and continual stakeholder participation.
SIMPACT’s multidisciplinary theoretical and methodological approach advances knowledge and the state of the art by

  • Elaborating a theoretical model of the economic dimensions of social innovation throughout its lifecycle;
  • Generating new empirical knowledge on the economic dimensions through rich, theoretically informed analysis of successful and less successful cases;
  • Analysing drivers and barriers shaping the economic impact of social innovations, and levers for their scaling and diffusion;
  • Developing indicators to measure social innovations and tailored methods to evaluate social and economic impact;
  • Enhancing modes of public policy production, instruments and guidelines;
  • Generating foresight knowledge through agent-based modelling and scenario building.


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Die Potentiale des aktiven Alterns für Europa mobilisieren

MOPACT is framed on the basis of a conviction that Europe requires a new paradigm of ageing if it is to respond adequately to these challenges in the context of open-ended longevity. Also, this paradigm must be embedded into responses to ageing at all levels – micro, meso and macro – if it is to be effective. This means a new paradigm of active and healthy ageing (hereafter active ageing) that rejects the deficit model of old age as a definite period of economic dependency.


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CultNature – Bio-Montan-Park NRW


„CULTNATURE: BIO-MONTAN-PARK NRW“ ist ein Projekt zur nachhaltigen Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung in nordrhein-westfälischen Bergbaurückzugsgebieten, das vom Institut Arbeit und Technik in Zusammenarbeit mit RAG Montan Immobilien und NRWUrban sowie mit Kipar Landschaftsarchitekten und Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern aus mehreren Hochschulen durchgeführt wird.


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Becker, David / Leisering, Benedikt

Nordhause-Janz, Jürgen / Rehfeld, Dieter

Christians, Uwe / Gärtner, Stefan

Paul, Hansjürgen / Krüger-Charlé, Michael

Hilbert, Josef / Bienzeisler, Bernd / Becka, Denise

Evans, Michaela / Galchenko, Viacheslav / Hilbert, Josef