Space, Region, City and Quarter

A spatial perspective is the starting point for many ongoing projects at the Institute for Work and Technology.  Functional and social spaces provide the analytical framework for the analysis of actor constellations, networks and clusters, as well as of spatial perceptions  and cultures, which cannot be found in politically or administratively defined regions. In projects dealing with structural change, regional and urban development it is all about strategic orientation and the question of how to improve quality of life. In projects concerning local economy and civil engagement it is examined how to activate the resources of a neighbourhood, to prevent circuits of crisis and to enable participation.



CultNature - Bio-Montan-Park NRW

The project „CULTNATURE: BIO-MONTAN-PARK NRW“ deals with sustainable city development. Its focus concentrates on those areas of the federal state of Northrhine-Westfalia, which suffer from the abandoning of coal mining. Abandonment of coal mining leaves many brownfields. These have a negative impact on cityscape, quality of location, city development and quality of life. Recultivation of brownfields usually is expensive. The CULTNATURE concept offers a solution to this problem, namely to restore brownfields as biomass landscapes. These landscapes will be designed as green spaces with an aesthetical quality of parks. They shall form green axes of urban development and industrial transformation. The development of biomass landscapes shall also be used as a stimulus for innovation and new industrial growth.