Markets, Industries & Value Chains

Technological, economic and social change is reconfiguring industries and markets: Challenges such climate change, the ageing of society, scarcity of resources, accelerating information and communication technologies that require new solutions. The IAT researches industries and value chains in its international and regional localisation. This is based on the fact that despite advancing internationalisation and globalisation, companies are often firmly rooted and embedded in the region. To this end, regional networking and the role of value chains in regional innovation systems are in the limelight.

Furthermore, it is apparent that companies with their innovation activities increasingly cross industry lines and established product markets. Such trend can certainly be attributed to the transversal character of many new technologies as well as to the entrepreneurial engagement on markets that are societal demand-driven. New cross-industry fields of action, distinct forms of cooperation and new products blurring establish boundaries are, thus, central subjects of research.


Teaserbild Rädchen © Bild von Pavlo auf Pixabay

Industrial Symbioses in the Ruhr Area: Emergence & potentials of the concept for the transformation of regions in change

The concept of industrial symbiosis describes the cross-company exchange of industrial by-products such as waste heat, wastewater or production residues in geographical proximity. Such co-operations enable economic as well as environmental advantages. ...

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Teaserbild Raum, Region, Stadt und Quartier

Area, region, city and district

A spatial perspective is the starting point for many projects. Functional and social spaces provide the analytical framework for the analysis of actor constellations, networks and clusters, as well as of spatial perceptions and cultures, which cannot be found in politically or administratively defined regions.

Teaserbild Soziale, organisatorische und technische Innovationen

Social, Organisational and Technological Innovation

Innovation research at the IAT analyses innovations in distinct sectors and spatial contexts. Following a broad understanding of innovation, subject of research are social, organisation as well as technological innovations, which are frequently also integral part of all innovation processes.

Teaserbild Zukunft von Arbeit und Wirtschaft

Future of Work

Work and economic research deal with the question of whether and how working environments change in their structures, processes and relationships. This includes the impact of new technologies but also the interplay/interaction of qualification and organization of work.

Teaserbild Gesundheit & Lebensqualität

Health and Quality of Life

The main target of our work is to strengthen the performance and innovation capacity of the health and healthcare industry. Quality of life, employment and growth should to be increased by improved and new services and products.