Future of work

Work and economic research deal with the question of whether and how working environments change in their structures, processes and relationships. This includes the impact of new technologies but also the interplay/interaction of qualification and organization of work. With our experience and fields of expertise, we contribute to this on a methodologically sound basis by deepening and, if necessary, correcting insights and solutions. The main focus of our work lies on the question how to design work, qualification, organization and technology in a way that profits the quality of life and the economy, including attractive and adequate jobs.


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Practice based research to enhance the innovation capacity of SMEs through learning and ICT supported colloboration

Innovation involves the utilisation of new knowledge or a new use or combination of existing knowledge. Education providers have long been sources of this knowledge but often higher education produce 'general research' and an internal research capacity is required to allow companies to adapt and use this research to the company requirements and particularly their business. However small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular often do not have this internal capacity due to limited resources.


More Themes

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Markets, Industries & Value Chains

Technological, economic and social change is reconfiguring industries and markets: Challenges such climate change, the ageing of society, scarcity of resources, accelerating information and communication technologies that require new solutions.

Teaserbild Soziale, organisatorische und technische Innovationen

Social, Organisational and Technological Innovation

Innovation research at the IAT analyses innovations in distinct sectors and spatial contexts. Following a broad understanding of innovation, subject of research are social, organisation as well as technological innovations, which are frequently also integral part of all innovation processes.