Future of work

Work and economic research deal with the question of whether and how working environments change in their structures, processes and relationships. This includes the impact of new technologies but also the interplay/interaction of qualification and organization of work. With our experience and fields of expertise, we contribute to this on a methodologically sound basis by deepening and, if necessary, correcting insights and solutions. The main focus of our work lies on the question how to design work, qualification, organization and technology in a way that profits the quality of life and the economy, including attractive and adequate jobs.


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ENTER (to) Entrepreneurship

This Project answers to problems concerning changing labour market and unsufficient preparation to new situations by young people as well as lack of entrepreneurial education in formal systems. Growing SME’s role in every European country causes necessity of creating new, more entrepreneurial attitudes. People, who don’t recognize those attitudes can’t find their place on labour market. That causes low motivation, self-confidence and sometimes social exclusion. We need to change people’s attitude and thinking.