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Kleverbeck, Maria / Krlev, Gorgi / Mildenberger, Georg / Strambach, Simone / Thurmann, Jan-Frederik / Terstriep, Judith / Wloka, Laura
2019: Indicators for measuring social innovation. In: Howaldt, Jürgen / Kaletka, Christoph / Schröder, Antonius / Zirngiebl, Marthe (eds.): Atlas of social innovation - 2nd volume: A world of new practices. München: oekom Verl., S. 98-101 PDF

Scheuplein, Christoph
2019: Private equity as a commodification of companies: the case of the German automotive supply industry. In: Journal of economic policy reform, published online: 25 Sep 2019 Weblink

O'Brien, Emma / McCarthy, John / Hamburg, Ileana / Delaney, Yvonne
2019: Problem-based learning in the Irish SME workplace. In: Journal of workplace learning 31, no. 6, pp. 391-407 Weblink

O'Brien, Emma / Hamburg, Ileana / Southern, Mark
2019: Using technology‐oriented, problem‐based learning to support global workplace learning. In: Hammler Kenon, Vanessa / Vasant Palsole, Sunay (eds.): The Wiley handbook of global workplace learning. Indianapolis: Wiley Blackwell, p. 591-609 Weblink

David, Alexandra / Coenen, Frans
2019: Knowledge in motion: highly-skilled migration and the role of regional networks. In: Advances in social sciences research journal 6, no. 4, p. 274-293 Weblink

Hamburg, Ileana / Lütgen, Gabriela
2019: Digital divide, digital inclusion and inclusive education. In: Advances in social sciences research journal 6, no. 4, p. 193-206 Weblink

Hamburg, Ileana
2019: Implementation of a digital workplace strategy to drive behavior change and improve competencies. In: Strategy and behaviors in the digital economy strategy and behaviors in the digital economy. London: IntechOpen, 16 p. Weblink

Hamburg, Ileana / O'Brien, Emma / Öz, Fikret
2019: Chapter 2: Entrepreneurship and research skills in SMEs. In: Dirksen, Daan (ed.): The power of entrepreneurship. New York: Nova Science Publishers, p. 45-76 Weblink

Rabadjieva, Maria / Butzin, Anna
2019: Emergence and diffusion of social innovation through practice fields. In: European planning studies, published online 13 Feb 2019 Weblink

Rehfeld, Dieter / Terstriep, Judith
2018: Regional governance in North Rhine-Westphalia – lessons for smart specialisation strategies? In: Innovation: the European journal of social science research 32, no. 1, p. 85-103. Published online: 10 Sep 2018. Weblink