Anthropocentric production systems

Anthropocentric production systems: the European response to the advanced manufacturing and globalization: synthesis report. Luxembourg. Europ. Commission, Directorate-General Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research: EUR report, vol. 13969. ISBN 92-826-3809-X

Lehner, Franz

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This synthesis report presents major results and conclusions of an international research project aimed at an assessment of the development of production systems which support high perfomance in

  • quality production, i.e. a customized production of technologically sophisticated goods of high quality, and
  • lean production, i.e. a mode of production which avoids waste in terms of human and natural resources, capital, perfection and time.

    The production system that fits this condition is a computer-aided production system which is strongly based on skilled work and human decision-making in combination with leading-edge technology. It can be called 'an anthropocentric production system'.
    Research teams from all countries of the European Community, with the exception of Luxembourg, and from the United States of America and Japan have been included in the research.