Development of an action plan for the Knowledge Alliance Rhein-Waal – All-wiss / ALLWISS

Development of an action plan for the Knowledge Alliance Rhein-Waal

The objective of ALLWISS is setting-up an action plan to foster future-oriented sectoral and cross-sectoral development fields within the Euregio Rhein-Waal. The action plan shall strengthen cross-border cooperation and thereby stimulate the regional innovation potential. 
The project is divided into three phases:
The first phase is characterized through the conduction of a potential analysis with the aim to exam-ine the innovation potential on both sides of the border. Concretely, it shall analyse:

  • the thematic emphases of regional public actors, sectoral networks and clusters,
  • the expertise of the regional scientific institutions,
  • the regional sectors,
  • and the actors’ cross-border and/or international linkages as expressed through their involve-ment in projects (Interreg, Framework programs of the EU).
    In a next step, the innovation potential is reflected and compared with the objectives of important political programs or strategies on regional (e.g. the North Rhine Westphalian Cluster Policy), national (e.g. the Dutch top-sector policy), European (Europe 2020) and global (UN-Millennium goals) level. The potential analysis will result in the formulation of future-oriented sectoral and cross-sectoral development fields. 
    The second phase is characterised through workshop sessions with regional German and Dutch actors of public administrations, non-governmental organisations, academia and economy. Aim of the workshop sessions is to establish a regional stakeholder dialogue and to discuss, validate on concretize the previously formulated development fields. 
    Within the third phase, the results of the potential analysis and of the work shop sessions will be combined and refined and basis for a concrete, implementation-focused action plan. 
    The project is conducted together with the Dutch project partner Birch-Consultants.