Cluster (Standortverbünde) in der Regio Rheinland: Abschlussbericht

Cluster (Standortverbünde) in der Regio Rheinland: Abschlussbericht. Gelsenkirchen: Inst. Arbeit und Technik. Projektbericht des Instituts Arbeit und Technik, Nr. 2003-03

Fernández Sánchez, Noemí / Grote Westrick, Dagmar / Müller, Angelika / Nordhause-Janz, Jürgen / Öz, Fikret / Rehfeld, Dieter (Verf.) / Stolte, Wolfgang (Mitarb.)


Global competition is not only between enterprises. Increasingly, there is competition between regions as the suppliers of important location factors, too. But advertising general advantages does not seem to suffice. To be competitive, a region needs specialized competencies, which are subsumed under the term regional clusters. Like many other regions the Regio Rhineland is focussing on this cluster development strategy and commissioned the IAT to perform this cluster analysis to identify strongholds of economic importance in the region. On the one hand we found clusters in the Regio Rhineland that are based on established industries which rearrange themselves nowadays so that new chances for future markets and for innovative developments emerge. On the other hand there are clusters that emanate from new technologies like IT or biotechnologies and genetic engineering. This mix of “old” and new competencies is the strength of the Regio Rhineland. By building up an appropriate cluster management, the Regio Rhineland gets the opportunity to implement the cluster strategy in a target-oriented and promising way.

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