Perspektiven der Jugendhilfeausschuss-Arbeit

Perspektiven der Jugendhilfeausschuss-Arbeit: Tagungsdokumentation. Gelsenkirchen: Inst. Arbeit und Technik. Projektbericht des Instituts Arbeit und Technik, Nr. 2001-01

Stöbe-Blossey, Sybille (Hrsg.)


At the end of the nineties, modernization of community administration has entered a new phase. It has become increasingly clear that the role of politics has not been considered sufficiently well during the first years of the reform process. In 1997, and with support from the Hans-Böckler foundation, the Institut Arbeit und Technik (IAT) has conducted a research project investigating this issue. In a follow-up project on the exemplary case of youth services, IAT now addresses the questions on how the involvement of politics can be improved and what instruments are promising. In May 2001, a workshop on perspectives of youth services committees was held, the results of which are documented in this text.

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