Berufliche Neuorientierung im Vorfeld von Entlassungen

Berufliche Neuorientierung im Vorfeld von Entlassungen. Gelsenkirchen: Inst. Arbeit und Technik. Graue Reihe des Instituts Arbeit und Technik, Nr. 2000-04

Albert, Petra (Mitarb.) / Beer, Doris (Mitarb.) / Muth, Josef / Schumann, Diana (Mitarb.)


During the period 1995 and 1998 drastic cut-backs were made in respect to legal frameworks for the classical redundancy payment social scheme through changes having been made in the pension and employment promotion rights. Against this background, the search for new ways of reducing personnel, which are both agreeable to management and labour representatives as well as sensible from the point of view of labour market policy, became urgent. The aim of this approach is first off all not only to prevent unemployment taking place but to have the persons affected brought into new employment on the external labour market in advance. On the basis of three case studies, the available report shows how “provocative” and how internal measures for the promotion of new occupational orientation and mobility can be laid out and which factors have a decisive influence on the success of the measures used. The activities which have been examined are examples for a mesh of internal personnel policy and public labour market policy.

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