Unternehmerische, soziale und informatorische Aspekte der Geschäftsprozeßoptimierung

Unternehmerische, soziale und informatorische Aspekte der Geschäftsprozeßoptimierung. Gelsenkirchen: Inst. Arbeit und Technik. Graue Reihe des Instituts Arbeit und Technik, Nr. 1999-12

Knittel, Friedrich


For years business process optimization has been the subject of an extensive discussion in the field of economics and informatics research and has also increasingly been applied in the business practice. The aim of the business process optimization is to explicitely align the complete performance of business tasks with the increasingly dynamic competition and to organize them constantly according to the (business) effective working processes. (Business) model based informatical methods were used for it in order to support the completion of the tasks within the company by means of adapted (standard) software systems. This article examines how business economics strategies and informatical necessities were carried out in the corresponding organization development projects and also if the social requirements were taken into consideration. Business process optimization has to ensure that the persons involved are in the situation of doing satisfactory work, as only this satisfactory work activates the persons’ competence, guarantees an effective carrying out of the tasks and an efficient application of the software systems.

The author Dr. rer. oec. Friedrich Knittel teaches business informatics with the main emphasis on information management as the faculty of informatics of the University of Applied Sciences Cologne (department of Gummersbach).

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