Direct participation bibliography - results from a data base research

Direct participation bibliography - results from a data base research: the EPOC project. Dublin. European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions: Working paper, vol. 95/34

Pekruhl, Ulrich / Schnabel, Annette / Weishaupt, Karin

Direct participation bibliography - results from a data base research

The Bibliography

This bibliography on direct participation (DP) initially should only serve as a first basic information-pool for the EPOC project about research and literature in this field. But after integrating the information from four major data bases into one set of data we had the feeling that it could be worthwile to make this material available to the public. Researchers and practitians can find a broad overview over manfold literature regarding aspects of direct participation and other fields closely related to this issue.

However, one weakness of this bibliography should clearly be indicated. This is the Anglo-German bias of the data bases. This is simply due to the fact that the capabilities of the people having set up the bibliography are (more or less) limited to these two languages. But, since many important research from other countries is published in English as well, it can probably be found in the bibliography. Nevertheless, we are aware that we are not presenting a true “European” bibliography on DP.

Taking in account these restrictions we think the bibliography is quite comprehensively covering the field. Even if it is not at all complete, it is showing the numerous facets of DP. It should be mentioned that listed literature is not only focussed on research but also (if not mainly) on reports from DP in practice. In paricular, many examples of DP in certain companies are documented.