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Hamburg, Ileana
2021: Reskilling within digital lifelong learning and entrepreneurship in vocational education. In: Language, education and culture research 1, no. 1, p. 26-33. Doi: 10.22158/lec.v1n1p26 PDF

Hamburg, Ileana
2021: Social measures and disruptive innovations in entrepreneurship education to cope with COVID-19. In: Advances in social sciences research journal 8, no.1, p. 70-80 PDF

Butzin, Anna
2021: Review of Elizabeth Mamukwa (2020), Integral Knowledge Creation and Innovation: Empowering Knowledge Communities, London, Routledge, 238 p. In: Journal of Innovation Economics & Management 2021/1, no. 34, p. 239-242. Weblink

Scheuplein, Christoph
2020: Impact of private equity on employment and co-determination: the case of Germany. In: Revista Internacional de Sociología, 78(4), e171. PDF

Hamburg, Ileana
2020: Creating innovative structures in workplace and vocational digital learning to ensure social distancing. In: ICDS 2020: The fourteenth international conference on digital society. ISBN: 978-1-61208-760-3. p. 124-127 PDF

Terstriep, Judith / Rehfeld, Dieter
2020: Bridging local embeddedness and global dynamics – the economics of social innovation. In: European Planning Studies 28, no. 5, p. 853-863 Weblink

Terstriep, Judith / Rehfeld, Dieter / Kleverbeck, Maria
2020: Favourable social innovation ecosystem(s)? An explorative approach. In: European Planning Studies 28, no. 5, p. 881-905 Weblink

Blažek, Jirí / Hejnová, Tereza
2020: Geography, ownership and uneven trends in the economic performance of small banking centres in Europe during the financial crisis. In: European Urban and Regional Studies 27, no. 4, p. 359–378 Weblink

Blažek, Jirí / Hejnová, Tereza / Rada, Hynek
2020: The impacts of the global economic crisis and its aftermath on the banking centres of Europe. In: European Urban and Regional Studies 27, no. 1, p. 35-49 Weblink

Zietz, Dörte / Cramer, Elena / Siebler, Mario / Hefter, Harald / Jäger, Marcus / Raab, Dominik / Geu Flores, Francisco / Gegenbauer, Silke / Kecskemethy, Andres
2018: P 103 – “RehaBoard” project: Implementing an algorithm to assist the interprofessional decision-making process towards improved gait in patients after stroke. In: Gait and Posture 65, no. 1, p. 402-403 Weblink